Global Money Week

International Money Week is a worldwide money event, which aims to raise awareness of the younger generation to be responsible future citizens and capable of making well-thought-out financial decisions. All banking associations and numerous partners around the globe, under the coordination of Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) and the European Federation of Banks (EBF), organize a variety of activities to involve children and young people, to learned: how to care for money, how to save, how to think financially, how to understand the changes in the economic systems where they live, how to earn income through entrepreneurship and lay the foundations for their future through financial culture.

Kosovo Banking Association marks the Global Money Week since 2013, Global Money Week is marked with various activities and specific topics every year.

  • 2014 - "Let's win to save"
  • 2015 - “Save Today, Safe Tomorrow”
  • 2016 - “Take Part, Save Smart"
  • 2017 - "Learn Save Earn"
  • 2018 - "Money matters matter"
  • 2019 - "Learn Save Earn"


The purpose of International Money Week is to empower new generations and raise awareness about personal finances, savings, sources of income, and the desire to save. This year, more emphasis will be given to the importance of financial education by institutions, informing the public about the importance of savings and financial education, creating a society with higher welfare that children and young people need to are provided with information that breaks you down to make better financial decisions.

Importance of GMW for Kosovo: International Money Week is especially important for Kosovo as it is the only such project organized in Kosovo and involves raising the awareness of new generations on especially important financial topics such as personal finance, savings.

On the other hand, with this project, Kosovo joins a global initiative for financial awareness and ranks among the 175 countries of the world that organizes the International Money Week.