As part of the Kosovo Banking Association are functioning eight regular committees and three ad-hoc committees of different areas of the banking sector. The committees are comprised of experts in the banking area of nine  commercial banks that are members of the Association. The profile of banking experts is adapted to the activities of these working groups. These committees have an advising role for the Association and the management of banks for issues that affect the better functioning of the sector.

These committees collaborate and organize many meetings, depending on the topic that is treated, with the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, the courts, the judicial council, the judicial institute, the cadastral agency, the tax administration, the ministries of the government of the Republic of Kosovo including the agencies which function within these ministries and with all other organizations that as a base of their activities have the financial sector in Kosovo.

Committees also cooperate with other international institutions and other similar forums in the regional countries where the aim is to exchange information, experience and discussions for the further development of the banking expertise. Committees organize regular meetings and attend regularly different activities such as workshops and regional conferences.