Financial Literacy

Dear readers,

Welcome to the financial education corner of the Kosovo Banking Association. I am Vesa Vuçitërna, Communication and Marketing Officer at the Kosovo Banking Association.

Let me introduce you to our Financial Education Corner which aims to motivate young people and children to learn about issues related to money, savings, entrepreneurship, and the economy. The development of financial markets, global economic changes, especially in recent years, and the diversification of financial services and products have influenced financial institutions to give more and more important to the advancement of financial education. Our financial education corner delves deeper into the topics of savings, banking, and financial plans.

Our mission is rooted in providing and informing people with the knowledge and guidance they need for greater financial well-being. To fulfill that mission, the Kosovo Banking Association organizes various activities and events on an annual basis. Some of the global activities and initiatives that the Kosovo Banking Association organizes are the International Money Week that is marked every year by KBA since 2013 and World Savings Day.

Here you can also find downloadable materials and various articles, where each article is written based on the first-hand experience to provide the most useful knowledge possible. I believe that money matters are too important to be left in the lurch. If you want to read educational - financial articles written by people with many years of expertise in the banking sector, you have come to the right place.