2024 Global Progress Brief, Kosovo part of it

2024 Global Progress Brief, Kosovo part of it

As members of the Sustainable Banking and Finance Network (SBFN), we are delighted to share the unveiling of the 2024 Global Progress Brief and the launch of the innovative SBFN Data Portal, where for the first time you can find data for #Kosovo too!
The 2024 Global Progress Brief highlights key achievements, challenges, and opportunities within the SBFN community, across three pillars of sustainable finance: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Integration, Climate and Nature-Related Risk Management, and Financing Sustainability.

The new SBFN Data Portal is a dynamic tool designed to track #SustainableFinance initiatives and to facilitate consistent monitoring and benchmarking across countries, regions, and indicators. The platform will foster cross-learning, speeding up our collective journey toward more sustainable financial systems.
At Kosovo Banking Association we take pride in our achievements with support #SBFN#IFC, and our member banks and will eagerly anticipate further progress through peer-to-peer learning and collective action.